Having a weak, tight or dysfunctional pelvic floor can lead to:

* A lack of confidence
* Back pain
* Discomfort in your pelvis
* Incontinence
* Stress incontinence
* Prolapse
* Intense menstrual cramps
* The need to urinate frequently
* Fear of movement (kinesophobia) due to pelvic floor weakness
* A sense of heaviness in your pelvis
* A feeling of tightness, weakness or pain in your pelvic floor

It can hold you back in your day to day life and present itself in situations like:

* Fear of Jumping on a trampoline with your children concerned that you might have a leak
* Feeling like you’re going to the toilet every few minutes
* A dragging sensation in your pelvis, like your insides might fall out
* Peeing when you laugh
* Concern that you might be doing the wrong kind of exercise that will make issues worse
* Pain during intercourse

It can be really challenging to get the right support when it comes to pelvic health.

This 1 day Franklin Method workshop is for men and women.

During our day together you will gain many tips, exercises and ideas to:

* Improve pelvic floor strength and flexibility
* Support you pelvic organs (so it doesn’t feel like your insides are going to fall out)
* Improve core strength
* Feel toned, supple and strong
* Release tension in the pelvic floor, buttocks or lower back
* Have simple exercises that can easily fit into everyday life
* Feel empowered and informed
* Feel strong from the inside out
* Feel confident that you can trust their bladder and rectum and have a real sense of freedom
* Awaken the receptors in your pelvic floor so that the brain and pelvic floor can communicate better – i.e. less leaks, more strength, less tension

We will have time for questions and individual support.

I am so looking forward to working with you.

Cost: £80

Venue: Moseley Primary School, Moseley Avenue, Coundon, Coventry, CV6 1AB

Advance booking is essential as numbers are limited

TO BOOK: Please email Daljit:

Tea, herbal teas and coffee will be provided, please bring lunch to share.

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