Find Your Feet Strengthen Your Foundation

Saturday 28 January 2023 10.00 – 13.00

‘Find Your Feet Strengthen Your Foundations’ when was the last time you gave your feet some attention?

This workshop is for anyone that wants to develop a strong and healthy foot foundation to support the rest of the body. Our feet are the foundation for our movement but often we ignore these important parts of our body until we feel some pain or discomfort. Foot pain or discomfort is a common experience and often an obstacle to becoming or staying more active. Whether you have had previous foot or ankle injuries, are hoping to prevent injuries or you just want to find more ease and mobility from your feet? This workshop is for you!

The workshop will help you learn to pay attention to the strength and mobility of your foot, ankle, knee and hip joint. Anyone with any body is welcome, and no experience is necessary. 

Cost £45

Venue: Moseley Primary School, Moseley Avenue, Coundon, Coventry CV6 1AB. Booking email

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